[soopsori.sg] Woodbear Kids Series Coming Soon !

I am sick of it!

I am not a baby any more!!

Did you hear that?

Good news for fan of soopsori!!


We have been focused eco-friendly baby furniture till now.

But now, we launch brand new line(Woodbear Kids Series)

You can feel&see Safe and utilize furniture with beautiful wood color and round edge.


Find out more information at http://www.soopsori.sg


[Soopsori.sg] Tireless efforts and the 2 proponents he befriended……



Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, a German pedagogue

Good afternoon, everybody!

This is Dora.

In the morning,not very morning around 11am, it rained heavily.

Really it was pouring with rain.So at that time i was thinking “don’t want to eat lunch outside.”

But at the lunch time, the sky became so clear and quite refreshing.

So I didn’t skip the lunch again. 🙂


Anyway,  today i want to share with you about one of the German teacher(pedagogue) named Froebel.

I think all of the mom with kids are familiar with these pedagogues and even their theories. 

I hope that you are not familiar with this pedagogue very well. 😉


For me, i am a single but i always meet the parents,especially mom and kids.

So these days I’ve got interested in education for young children and educational toys for kids.


Shall I begin?


As usual, this German pedagogue’s family was rich. Yes, indeed.


House in Oberweißbach where Friedrich Frobel was born, WOW! :O


His father was a pastor of orthodox Lutheran parish in their village.

The village his family lived is the wealthy area where it is in Thuringian Forest.

All of the people could easily got the unique and natural herbs there, roots and everything.

So Each family could prepare, harvest and make their own products for their living.

(Thuringian Forest had been known for its herbs remedies, tinctures, bitters, soap and salves.)

The forest make the inhabitants a nature-lover and let them make their own living.


Shortly after Froebel’s birth, his mother’s health began to fail.

She died when Froebel was nine months old.

The mother’s death was influencing profoundly his whole life.

At his age of 10, he went to live in a small town wit his uncle. 

Away from his hometown, he had loved the nature very much and then became an apprentice to a forester at his age of 15.

After 2 years later, he left his apprenticeship and went for study with mathematics and botany.

He finished his study during 3 years for that and he worked as a land surveyor for 3 years.

Suddenly he began as an educator right after he quit the job as a land surveyor.

He went to educate children and study at secondary school in Frankfurt where he learned about Pestalozzi’s ideas.

According to Petalozzi’s thought, Modern education must be based on recognition that 

children have unique needs and capabilities.

Later, he worked with Petalozzi in Switzerland where his idea further developed.

While he’d worked with and learnt from Pestalozzi, he got experienced to teach students and young children at Pestalozzi’s Institution Center.

After 2 years later since he worked with Pestalozzi, he went back to school and became a teacher.

During for his army service, he involved in 2 campaigns against Napoleon.

After the battle of Wateloo, he found himself a civilian again.

He had wandered a lot, away from his town and country.

But there are 2 proponents he befriended in the army who named Wilhelm Middendorf and Heinrich Langethal.

One day, Froebel wanted to found institution in German. 

At that time, they were willing to help him to found the education center in German.

Even when he suddenly wanted to go Switzerland again for founding one more center there, 

they were still there and became a proponent for him.

At his age of 55, he went back to his country for founding a care, playing and activity institute for small children.

And then he coined the word kindergarten for the Play and Activity Institute he had founded in 1837 at Bad Blankenburg for young children, together with Wilhelm Middendorf and Heinrich Langethal.

These two men were Froebel’s most faithful colleagues and supporter.

He designed the educational play materials known as Froebel Gifts, or Frebelgaben, which included geometric building blocks and pattern activity blocks.

Froebel’s great insight was to recognize the importance of the activity of the child in learning.

He introduced the concept of “free work” (Freiarbeit) into pedagogy and established the “game” as the typical form that life took in childhood, and also the game’s educational worth.

Activities in the first kindergarten included singing, dancing, gardening and self-directed play with the Froebel Gifts.

These efforts of his were transported into every dukes and royal circles in Netherlands.

One of the dukes impressed with his efforts and caring into children granted land and house for train teachers follow Froebel’s theories.


Finally in his nearly 60’s, he got the supporters away from his country and gained recognition.

While I was reading his life and effort, I thought that his life was quite mass and eventful.

Even he was born in wealthy families and village but he had to move to live with his uncle.

Without his mother in his childhood, he got felt lonely and hollow.

So he might be wandering here to there to find his real friend who can believe and follow.

Anyway, he became well-known for his efforts and theories.

Here is the lesson for Froebel’s Life.

Don’t worry to wander here and there for finding your life.

After you pass and overcome it, you’ll found yourself who you are.

And Don’t forget to believe and support your people you befriended.


Bye Bye 🙂





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[Soopsori.sg] Do you want your kids to be a Creative Person?

pirate's room

 The path to Pirates’ ship

pirate's room2

           Under the Sea


This is Dora.

Today I want to share with you one of the creative directors working in design industry.

He made,designed and created the room remodeling that you can see above.


The creative director named Steve Kuhl who runs the KUHL DESIGN+BUILD.

What makes him so being crazy about rebuilding and design?

We can figure it out through his childhood’s life.


According to his mother, he got into electricity when he was 6 months.

She was shocked that she thought he couldn’t come out of that accident as usual.

But he luckily was coming out of it and he ironically got interested in electricity more and more after the accident happened.


He said he has started building something at the age of his 3, since leaving his diapers.

He said that he liked wrecking things and rebuilding it so much at his age 3~5.

When he was 11, he dug a hole in the backyard whose the depth is 8 feet.

Open the door on the ground that is the entrance of the hole  and go through the 8 feet tunnel

you can reach the Steve’s place in the end.

kuhl1 kuhl2

That was the his 1st shelter made by himself.

And then he decorated his shelter with his friends and gathered them there to study during their summer vacation.

His passion for building and creating something new and special has become starting his own business.

Underneath his passion, the parents and friends of him were still there and they were his supporter.

Even he got in serious accident like electric shock, no one made him stop to explore electricity for satisfying his own curiosity. They let him do what he love to do.

So he could start his own business and make the creative space for the kids and even for their parents who hope that their kids will explore and do what they want to do.

If you want your kids to work for their happiness, let them do their own.

And make for them their own space to think and play.

Next time, I’ll bring our Soopsori Shelter that is actually bed but divide into to single bed and you can use the space below the bed.

Can you put together a picture of the bed?

(not same like Steve’s place but that’s quality and style are quite proud of myself. )

See you then. Bye!


For more about the KUHL Stories and Services, http://twincitiesremodeler.com/




[soopsori.sg] Feel Donna Wilson’s items together~



 Hi~ How are you?  Ellie is here 🙂

It’s time to introduce <kids item> season 2 !!





Now I brought you  Donnawilson’s world ~



Maybe you will ask me,  Who is Donna Wilson ?



Donna Wilson, a doll designer&artist, started her studio in London.

She now export her items all over the world.

She is creative designer who put herself in kids shoes.

Her each item has individual character. 





Being Creative is a fantastic feeling, and I’d recommend anyone to give it ago.

I also really enjoy making things that make people smile!






 She also published her own book retrospective of her work over the past decade. Now she running her website and blog  www.donnawilson.com



Look !


Illusts are so cute !!




These are items that introduces in her website



Unique dolls… Wanna bring a teddy bear and put on my bed :0



Father's Day Image


I am Smoking… wooo I’m gonna be naughty bear !!



Stacked with cushion. Like I am reading fairy tale 🙂 


It looks get along well with wooden soopsori furniture~



This mobile looks like be loved by kids.

What’s on my rooms ceiling?










These colors will be good for our child to raise aesthetic sense

I found lovely stuff to share & match-able items with soopsori. 🙂  

I’ll comeback next time with version 3 and feel the kids view again !!


Happy August ~~ XOXO 


When I must be stern to my kids?


                                           The kid has thrown her pen to the floor2

                                                  She felt fear and then cried out.3

                           The mom asked her kid to pick it up with low and firm, sternly voice.4

                                 After the kid picked up the pen and brought it for mom,

                            And told her kid,” It’s very rude and ill-mannered behavior.”

                       The kid said “yes, mom.” in response to what mom said to her.


                  The mom gave a hug to her kid and the kid wept and cried in sorrow.


Hi Good morning, This is Dora.

These days, I am very busy watching the show aired on Korea Channel that named

“Superman returns”

They recorded some celebrity families’ life and then showed the life story of theirs.

The reason the show get popular is that  the parenting is a kind of same and not easy, even for celebrities not the general public.

I always feel compatibility while I am watching the show towards Celebrities.

The actor named “Kang Hye Jung” is wife of Tablo who is a member of Epic High.

She was very stern to her kid when she disciplined her kid named “HaRu”.

So she gave me a refreshing. Actually She is a Mom but the Viewers see her an actor.

As a mom must teach her kids and take care of them even she has a very soft character and known for tender and girly-girly character.

Anyway, I wondered if the sternness to kids is always right.

So I brought one of professionals’ articles here.

Please look thorough it.

I’ve noticed that the more sternly I speak to my kids-for example, after they’ve run into the street without looking-the more distraught they get. How can I make sure they understand the seriousness of certain situations without making them feel worse?- Zoe

As the saying goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

When your child’s safety is at risk-whether he’s run into the street, reached for an open flame, or gotten dangerously close to a pool-yelling, screaming, or crying out is a perfectly normal(and necessary!) response.

After all, at that moment, you would do anything possible to get your child’s attention and get him out of harm’s way.

After an episode like this, it’s natural for kids to cry- and for you to want to apologize.

But the truth is, your kids are likely crying in response to the fear and urgency in your voice, not because you’ve been “too stern.”

At times like these, it’s ok to comfort them without apologizing.

Give your child a hug and say something like,

“I know you’re upset. But what you did was dangerous and I was scared that you were going to get hurt. You must never do that again.”

Punishing kids after an event like this is usually not necessary, since they’ve probably learned their lesson.

On the other hand, there are times when being too stern-like yelling regularly for minor offenses-can backfire.

Kids can become immune to parents’ overblown reactions and fail to take them seriously.

If you feel yourself getting into this habit, take a deep breath before responding to your child’s behavior and ask yourself.

“Am I about to overreact?” If so, walk away for a few minutes and come back when you’ve calmed down.

In general, when it comes to disciplining kids, it’s best to speak with a low, firm voice and to keep your focus on the behavior, not the child.

It’s also helpful to use natural consequences whenever possible.

That means if your child has thrown a toy, ask her to pick it up.

If she’s taken something from her sibling, ask her to return it. If she chooses not to comply, an age-appropriate timeout or other consequence should follow, despite tearful pleas

Consistency is the key to effective discipline, and giving in to a child’s tears may inadvertently reinforce negative behavior.

Reviewed by: Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD
Date reviewed: July 2013



 Hello~ Ellie is here!!

Today, I’ll introduce some cute&lovely brands

I brought this because it’s good match

Our kids are invincible with soopsori.sg ‘s lovely furniture and these hot clothes!

I also want buy and wear these although I am already big ㅠㅠ


Little Goodall is American Brand and it’s created by artist and designer Molly Goodall in the fall of 2010


 The origin of Little Goodall’ birth is start with that time when Goodall was stay at home mother.


Her two year old son refused to wear the hoods on his coats.

Searching for a creative solution, she designed and made the original Ferocious Felt Lion coat to inspire him to put his hood up in the cold


So finally…


these cute coats are created.


Wow Look at this great colour~


leopard cape_1



See this leopard coat ~

Ears are pricked up and wings are fluttered


What makes you smile? whisper me~


Phewww~~~~~ Pheeewwwww~~~~~~

Image 1

Boys and girls, can I wear that bunny coat??


So cute and creative brand, isn’t it?


Today is Saturday.

How about go out wearing same clothes with our children today?

Spending enough time such as go picnic or cooking with your kids will be the best for emotion of them

Let’s go out together~~~


 Raccoon 2

Have a good time


I’ll bring you other lovely story next time~~ See ya!!


Engraving Service of Soopsori.sg

Hi Hi This is Ellie!

Soopsori fan responding SO HOT about this.

So I brought this to share this information with you guys ♥


We engrave valuable message to wood patch.

Children will remember even after they grow-up

Desk & Chair Message Service


Children Desk & Chair Set I Kiddy Desk & Chair Set


we engrave a message on the back of a chair of Desk&Chair Set.

This message patch is detachable by wooden screw

Mark the chair and show that it’s the site of my kid~


 Bed Message Service


Car Shaped Bed(Car/Flora) I Double Decked Bed I Bunker Bed(High/Low)

Put your message on the car number plate and give a special present for baby

Soopsori engrave a message to it become a special gift.

It will be a present filled with mother-father’s love

You can choose Korean/English version ~

Sink Play Message Service


Kitchen Sink Play Set

Especially for the sink, we engrave message on the cloud shaped patch.

This patch can be fixed by wooden screw as well

It’s one-of-a-kind gift for your kid XD


If you want to see those products –

Children Desk & Chair SetKiddy Desk & Chair Set

Car Shaped BedDouble Decked Bed

Bunker Bed / Kitchen Sink Play Set


Good day and I will comeback ~